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Imagine that you are on your way to getting a picture done and it’s at your dream location. You could be on your way to a beach, or a beautiful open field, maybe a pine forest, or a spot overlooking a city. Are all of these places far away or a distant memory from some vacation? We think that in order to find a beautiful attraction, it has to be far away from the boring city we grow up in. I’m here to help change that view and show you the places that fulfill your dream photo location.

Whatever the shoot is, there are hundreds of locations around the Quad Cities that I personally have found and documented for the benefit of my clients. I’m constantly exploring my hometown and finding those unique spots that capture every personality perfectly. It takes the photo shoot to a new level when the background compliments the person’s personality versus just a cliche background of a building or a tree.

When I was given my first camera called the Nikon 8500, I began to be obsessed with taking pictures of everything. I wanted to learn all there was about this camera and the best way to take a picture. As I continued on, I noticed how unique every person was and how blessed I was to get the opportunity to capture them. After a while, I noticed something else though. The thing that made some of my photos stand out more than others was the location. That was the puzzle piece that was missing. It was the “Eureka!” moment. That’s when my passion took off and I found a lot of fulfillment from learning a personality and then finding that perfect location to match that. It’s easy to take a good picture with a nice camera, but to figure out the location and the right shot to encapsulate the essence of who someone is what I strive for.

Brennen the Quad Cities Photographer

My name is Brennen Tope and I am a photographer. Growing up in Davenport doesn’t stop me from searching for the best shots and the most unique locations each day. I’m not afraid to try new places and new things to better my skills and I enjoy the challenge that comes with any skillset.

Today, my dream is to bring more beauty to the Quad Cities in the form of my photography. I do this by helping you with my different services that are affordable and give quality pictures. Feel free to check out my other pages on my services which include pet, family, senior portrait, event, headshots, and wedding photography for the Quad Cities area. Or, just contact me with your inquiry right away!


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