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Hi! My name is Brennen Tope and I am a photographer in the Quad Cities.

I serve Bettendorf, Davenport, East Moline, Moline, and Rock Island.

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I specialize as a QCA wedding photographer, event photographer, senior portrait photographer, family portraits photographer, real estate photographer, pet photographer, and headshot photographer.

People seem to enjoy my images of the QCA and describe them as “unique”, “amazing”, and “naturally beautiful.”

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Wedding Photographer

Headshot Photographer

Pet Photographer

Poodle walking on a dock in Florida

Senior Pictures Photographer

A picture for all your friends and family.

Lovely senior picture with sparklers in the Quad Cities

Family Photographer

Family photos will live on for decades.

Event Photographer

Any event from graduation to your family reunion.

Graduation day picture for Davenport Central students

Real Estate Photographer

Photos to make your clients go "wow!"

What we offer

Quad Cities Photography Services

Quality Pictures for a Quality You (I'm cheesy like that)


One of the most hectic and thrilling stories to tell is a wedding. As a Quad Cities wedding photographer, I would know! From start to finish the journey is amazing and everything should go as planned. You deserve to feel at ease at the wedding and enjoy yourself and still know you’ll be able to see the very best moments after the special night is over. With so much going on, it’s important to have a professional photographer scanning the area for the best shots and not being distracted. You aren’t able to say the same thing for your relative who has been dabbling with cameras. They could get caught up talking with a friend or family and completely miss a first dance, or a shared look between the newlyweds. Select me and I’ll tell your visual story through the ceremony, family portraits, and during the reception without distraction or bias; you deserve the peace of mind on your big day. 


Finding a headshot photographer that fits your project can be difficult, even around the Quad Cities.  However, I am unique and special from other photographers in the way that I have knowledge of many great areas that create professional headshots for any purpose whether it be individual, family, business, or magazine. You will feel proud to show off your new portrait to your friends, clients, colleagues, and family. I’m here to create your photo for LinkedIn, work, Facebook, or even Tinder ready.


As a Quad City pet photographer, I have seen my share of amazing animals that make the cutest photos. They can be very adorable and finding that photo that captures their attitude and personality is a journey I would love to take with you. It takes a certain skill to be able to work with pets and keep them occupied while photographing them and I have had quite a lot of practice with my client’s pets. Let me know if you have a best friend that needs their beauty captured.


It doesn’t seem that long ago when I first became a Quad Cities senior portrait photographer. It started when my younger sister asked if I could take her’s and her friend’s senior pictures. I didn’t realize it then, but it’s not as easy as “point” and “click.” Even though it was a tough learning curve, I was still able to get quite the compliments from all my sister’s friends. My sister Mallory even admitted I did a good job!

They all loved the locations I found for each picture, commenting that they would never have thought of this location before I suggested it. That’s the beauty of being a Davenport, Iowa native I suppose! So feel free to trust me with making your senior pictures as beautiful as my sister’s friends did.


Being an event photographer around the QCA is by far my favorite photography to do as I enjoy the atmosphere of each event I go to. Most of the events I’ve taken pictures at have been music concerts with high energy, loud noises, and not always the best lighting, so I’m positive I can handle a family gathering or reception of any kind, no matter how many relatives you bring! Feel free to check out some of the photos I’ve been able to capture that musicians have even saved and commented positively on.


One of the most rewarding things about being a Quad Cities real estate photographer is getting to see the amazing locations and houses that are out there. Most people in their lifetime will live in only a couple of houses, which leaves quite a lot to be missed out on. My passion allows me to come to you and serve the people searching for the place they want to live in for the next 10+ years. It’s my privilege to create the best pictures to capture the true essence of a property that makes your customers go “wow”.


Learning to excel as a Quad City family portrait photographer did not take as long as one might think. Coming from a family of four siblings, I understand the great and sometimes not so great of a big family. It can be hectic at times especially whenever we all had to be at school on time! This experience has allowed me to be more in tune with families big and small.

After we make contact, I will find a spot in the Quad City to do the photo session. Come ready to be put in different positions that show the best quality of the family. From there I will edit the pictures and send them to you where you’re able to treasure them for life.

I would be honored to photograph your family whether it be a big family shot, or individual children or newborn shot.

Benefits of Hiring Me as Your Quad City Photographer

While traditional photographers might go for a studio session, creativity is key for my photo-shoots. No two sessions are the same and you can see that in the way I take pictures on my own. If you don’t know my photo style, let me tell you a little about it. I’m most well known for my work around the Quad Cities area taking pictures such as the I-74 bridge, around John Deere, the Scott County park, and the beautiful Mississippi River. I’m always looking for that new angle whether it be a picture of an old cathedral or a remote location that is unique to my hometown, Davenport, Iowa. I try and bring out everything unique and interesting and I like to show people that they don’t have to go too far to be able to experience something beautiful and stunning. It is my personal challenge to bring out every person’s personality in a project I am hired for. (Check out more of my photo galleries at my personal photo website https://brennentope.com)

What’s Special About the QC?

Time and again, the Quad Cities has been one of the most beautiful places to photograph. I’ve seen this in my own life even after starting a couple of years ago. With the rich history that binds the cities together and the gorgeous, sometimes unfortunately devastating, Mississippi River, this area is more fortunate than most to have great places for a Quad Citian to have their photo-shoot. I can’t provide that beauty, it’s already there, my purpose is to be your guide for unlocking that perfect shot in your next project.


Please feel free to contact me about pricing and rates if you’re interested. I have examples of prices I have used in the past but I like to see each new project as an opportunity to meet the needs of my client in an affordable way for them. Essentially, you get the top quality pictures without breaking the bank!


If you can’t tell by now, I am very passionate about photography and I love to serve the Quad Cities area as a photographer or a creator of beauty. But of course, I am also a Bettendorf photographer, Davenport photographer, East Moline photographer, Moline photographer, and Rock Island photographer. Whichever city you belong in, I’d be happy to serve you. If you want to hear more about me, check out my story, otherwise, I look forward to hearing from you soon! 

Other Locations I Serve:

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