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Hi! My name is Brennen Tope and I am a photographer in the Rock Island area.

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If you’re on this page, you’re looking for a photographer, and you want a specific project done with quality. I specialize as a Rock Island wedding photographerevent photographersenior portrait photographerfamily portraits photographer, real estate photographerpet photographer, and headshot photographer.

People enjoy my images of the Rock Island area and describe them as “unique”, “amazing”, and “naturally beautiful.”

If you want more information on my services, luckily for you, I have all of my services laid out right here. So, please! I insist, check out for more information but if you know what you’re looking for right away, don’t hesitate to ask me. I’m an open book and there’s a ton of ways to chat with me (I prefer Facebook, I’m on there quite a lot.)


Rock Island Photography Services

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Wedding Photographer

I will shoot beautiful and professional wedding pictures for you!

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Headshot Photographer

Perfect for any profile; LinkedIn, Facebook, or even Tinder!

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Pet Photographer

Get awesome pictures of your pet to remember for life.

Cute Poodle Next to the Mississippi river in Davenport

Senior Portrait Photographer

Your friends will be so jealous...

High school senior dancing with sparklers in Davenport

Event Photographer

Any event! From Grandma's birthday to a new store opening.

Davenport Iowa Skyline in the evening

Family Portrait Photographer

Family photos that will live on for decades.

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Benefits of Hiring Me as Your a Rock Island Photographer

I’m most well known for my work around the Quad Cities area taking pictures such as the I-74 bridge and the beautiful Mississippi River. Rock Island provides a great amount of locations to find a cool shot. When I can, I will go around the Rock Island Arsenal and find neat shots. I’m always looking for that new angle whether it be a picture of an old cathedral or a remote location that is unique to my hometown, Davenport. I try and bring out everything unique and interesting in my native area. I like to show people that they don’t have to go too far to be able to experience something stunning. It is my personal challenge to bring out every person’s personality in a project I am hired for.


Please feel free to contact me about pricing and rates if you’re interested. I have examples of prices I have used in the past but I like to see each new project as an opportunity to meet the needs of my client in an affordable way for them. Essentially, you get the top quality pictures without breaking the bank!

Rock Island, Illinois History

As a photographer serving the Rock Island area, I have been very interested in the history of the city. The first people to live in the Rock Island area were actually members of the Sauk and Fox Indian tribes. Fort Armstrong was built on the island in 1816 and became the HQ for operations in the Black Hawk War in 1832. The community was renamed in 1835 as Rock Island because of the location the island resided next to the Rock River. The first bridge to cross the Mississippi River was constructed in 1856 next to Rock Island. It was used in the American Civil War as an ordnance depot and as a prisoner-of-war camp, where a lot of Confederate soldiers died. Today, it is occupied by the Rock Island Arsenal which includes a replica of the Fort Armstrong blockhouse as well as a museum. Also located on the island are Union and Confederate cemeteries. The military dominates the economy here and remains essential for the area. If you are a resident of Rock Island don’t hesitate to contact me for your photography needs!


If you can’t tell by now, I am very passionate about photography and I love to serve the Quad Cities area as a photographer or a creator of beauty. But of course, I am also a Bettendorf photographer, Davenport photographerEast Moline photographerMoline photographer, and Quad Cities photographer. Whichever city you belong in, I’d be happy to serve you. If you want to hear more about me, check out my story, otherwise, I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Rock Island Areas Served:

Old Chicago | Highland Park Historical District | KeyStone | Longview | Douglas Park

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The Quad Cities - Rock Island

Beauty of the Quad Cities in Iowa/Illinois

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