Tips for Choosing the Best Photographer for You

Choosing the right photographer around the Quad Cities can be challenging. Each project that is undertaken is an important journey with the client and the photographer. From weddings to afternoon gatherings to a pet photo shoot, it’s important to remember to find that photographer that you feel good about. These pictures will hopefully be around [...]

Cute Poodle Next to the Mississippi river

Pet Photography – Take Better Pictures Of Your Pets

Your pet, be it a dog or a cat or another, is one of the best subjects for your camera. Children are the first most rewarding subjects for a photographer, but animals come next. Taking good or even outstanding pet pictures is not very difficult. You can also use techniques to better your chances of [...]

East Village Fire Station in Davenport

What to Know for a Family Photoshoot in Davenport, IA

Photography is about capturing moments that otherwise we would have forgotten and we all treasure memories. As you grow up, you realize that it is those moments that make life worth living because they give us hope. They also remind us of the precious gifts that we have been endowed with. This is the main [...]

Becoming a Davenport, IA Photographer

As a guy looking to find what his passion truly is, I had to reflect on what I enjoyed doing in my life. I found that I enjoyed the beauty of my city and it wasn’t too much of a jump to pick up a camera and become a Davenport photographer. I joined the ranks [...]

Brennen the Quad Cities Photographer

I was Interviewed on TV!

Hey guys! I just wanted to let everyone know I was interviewed on Television by a local Quad Cities station. The name of the station was Our Quad Cities. The reason for the interview was for my upcoming exhibition on May 23rd at the Coworkqc. If you want to hear more about it or watch [...]

A lucky couple getting married

What Do You Know About Event Photography?

Event photography is one of the most profitable businesses that have been steadily progressing over the past years. Event photography covers almost all indoor and outdoor events. The main aim of this article is to provide information on event photography and how to become an event photographer. What is event photography? Event-photography is where a [...]